to Isla Bank House Bed & Breakfast
in the North-East Highlands of Scotland.

Isla Bank House B&B lies in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and only a stone’s throw away from some of the world’s oldest and most revered whisky distilleries. Built in the early 1800’s its rooms are spacious and bright offering guests comfortable and elegant accommodation.

Booking a stay at Isla Bank House couldn’t be easier, our room rates vary but you will always get the best prices when you book directly.

Keith and the villages in the Moray region are friendly and active places year round with events and attractions that draw visitors from across the globe. To find a specific event or to see what’s on during your stay check the picture-links below.

Whisky & Swallie

Distilleries, breweries, cooperages.

Traivle & Sport

Physical ‘traivle’ and sporty
activities in the area

Friends of Isla Bank

Promotions, freebies and discounts. Sign-up FREE to join the Friends of Isla Bank.

Hieland Culture

The Scottish Highland art, history & culture

Local Events

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Staying at Isla Bank House
Coronavirus Update


We are currently accepting bookings from this July. Read on to learn about how we intend to keep you safe throughout your stay.

Scotland is emerging from lockdown a few weeks later than England but we are hoping to be allowed to receive guests again toward the end of July this year. Until a Covid-19 vaccine is distributed we will be required to provide a very different kind of hospitality, so here's what you need to know before booking a stay with us:

* TWO NIGHT MINIMUM STAY - We are no longer taking bookings for less than 2 nights (unless you have pre-booked before 1st May 2020). This is to allow a minimum of 52 hours and a deep-clean between guests.

* COMMON AREAS REMAIN CLOSED - Our bar, dining room and the library will remain closed at this time.

* FOOD & DRINK - We cannot continue to provide fresh cooked breakfast in the normal way, so you will find a continental breakfast tray in your room as well as a suitable dining table and chairs. Evening meals and drinks can be ordered from the in-room menu and will be delivered to outside your door.

* MINIMISING RISK - We are introducing contactless check-ins and check-outs to reduce the risk of viral transmission, we will provide additional signage, ample hand-sanitizer and will be on-site & available by phone as a backup.

* AVOIDING OVERCROWDING - The rooms on either side of yours will be empty during your stay to minimise your chance of encountering other guests in common areas. If your party will be booking more than one room then please contact us in advance so that we can make an exception to the booking limits for you.

Further information about check-in procedures and any other changes will be sent to you before your booking as well as a convenient contact number if you have any questions.