Wedding Schedule

afternoon     guests arrive.
7:00pm        drinks (no one’s driving for a while!).
8:00pm        dinner (chickless curry).


7:30am         Optional coffee with Nick (help with kilts if needed!).
8:50am         Boys leave for breakfast at Ugie House.
11:30am        Pre-service drinks with the condemned.
12:00pm        Photographer (Doug) arrives.
12:30pm        Celebrant arrives.

1:00pm          WEDDING CEREMONY

1:30pm          Signing of the register.
1:45pm          Toast & drinks in the lounge.
3:00pm         Cars arrive to take everyone to Deskford.
3:30pm         Drinks, petit-fours, toast and speeches.
4:30pm         Wedding Breakfast (dinner)
7:00pm        Mr & Mrs Kimber depart (we’ll be back in the morning!)
7:00PM        Driver takes all guests back to Isla Bank House