On the 11th of November 2023

We’ve posted your invitation to you, so this is just all the practical stuff to go with it.

We’d love it if you would first RSVP by clicking the link below and telling us that you’re coming. Thank you.

There are a few bits of information we’d like to share with you:

We’ve hired Deskford Garden Galleries for our “wedding breakfast” (yes, it’s actually dinner) and we’ve chosen a menu that is completely Vegan and gluten-free. Click on the dinner plate below to see the menu and select your meal, please make your selections asap so that we can let them know what to make for you.

We can take our own drinks to Deskford. contributions very welcome, including soft drinks.

We hope that you can all join us on the Friday evening. Our pre-wedding celebrations will kick-off at 6:30pm with a Vegan/GF curry and drinks before an obligatory “early night!”

Accommodation is on us!

In the morning Nick is taking all the kilts out for breakfast at Ugie House while Vena visits cosmetic technicians (oil change/tyre pressure/screen wash I think!). Everyone should be back at the house by 11:30 for some fizz with Vena while she gets ready upstairs, and/or a dram with Nick while he sets up downstairs (who will obviously be avoiding each other in case anyone changes their mind!).

Doug, our photographer, will be around from midday taking pre-ceremony snaps, Janet the celebrant will arrive at 12:30 and we’ll try to herd everyone into their seats for the ceremony itself by 1pm.