Covid-19 Guidelines

With the issues of health and safety rightly at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the wellbeing of our guests, friends and family is our number one priority. The points below set out our approach around the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At its core is adherence to Public Health England (PHE) guidelines – issued by the UK government and regularly updated – which put simply, means:

  • Carefully monitoring the Government risk level assessment – while it has been raised to high, and some local attractions have chosen to close temporarily we continue to operate normally for now.
  • Continuous re-enforcement of PHE precautions to our guests to help prevent spreading of the virus, including regular hand-washing and use of hand-sanitiser.
  • Asking guests to follow government guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus before they travel to us.

As well as following PHE advice, Isla Bank House has put its own measures in place, including the provision of hand-sanitiser, staggered use of our breakfast room, and disinfection of hard surfaces between uses. We will ask all guests to wash their hands before entering the main house and before leaving their room.

In the event that we or our guests exhibit symptoms, we will have no choice but to close for a period of isolation so we will do all in our power to avoid and/or delay any exposure

Isla Bank House will continue to monitor Public Health England advice closely and stands ready to make necessary changes to help protect our guests.

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