The Gardens at Isla Bank House,  Journal

Blackcurrant Harvest

I feel the need to insert a blanket disclaimer at the beginning of anything I write about my gardening because everything I know about cultivation could probably be written on a post-it note.

That having been said, I was excited to find 40 blackcurrant bushes hiding under my weeds at the end of last summer and set about moving them into rows to make them easier to look after.

In July I noticed that the birds were showing an interest in the fruit, so I netted one row to make sure that we didn’t lose the entire crop, but I needn’t have worried because the un-netted bushes have produced almost as much as the covered ones.

Now that all the blackcurrants have been harvested and preserved I’m astonished that we collected so much and will be working them into our guest menu throughout the coming year.

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