Ben Rinnes

It’s fair to say that Ben Rinnes is the dominating summit of Moray and is a very popular though challenging hill walk. The views, as might be expected, are extremely extensive, taking in much of northeast Scotland and there is often snow at the top even in summer.

It will take around 40-minutes to drive from Isla Bank House to the foot of Ben Rinnes and there is free road-side parking at the beginning of the climb where a cracked flint path starts its way up and around the first crag. there are two false summits along the 7.5 km climb, although neither one is high enough to fool you into thinking you’ve arrived, before the route to the top appears to dip along a shallow ridge before rising like a gently curving staircase to the sky.

The climb will take you approximately 3-4 hours and the view from the top is well worth the effort.

Please take note that while the path is quite safe you will be climbing high enough to take weather warnings very seriously indeed, it can get cold and windy very quickly on the Ben, so if you start to feel a little exposed two thirds of the way up you probably should turn around and climb to the top on another day.

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