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The Whisky Shop, Dufftown

It was lovely to see Mike and Val of The Whisky Shop, Duffton recently. As they gear up for the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival starting on 1 May, it is so helpful to us newbies to understand what to expect and how we can be part of such a huge event attracting visitors to the region from all around the world.

Guests staying with us over the Whisky festival can expect a daily run down of all of the local events and a special insight in to what The Whisky Shop is up to. Of all of the events I’m looking forward to, The Last Drop on 6th May is top of my list. This ticketed event offers a memorable evening in the shop with the staff and festival crew sharing any last drops of all of the wonderful whiskies they have been showcasing over the festival.

Guests will have a warm welcome back to Isla Bank House at the end of the evening. Check out our Events page for more information about what’s on.

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